Achieve evidence-based orthopaedics
with Ortech as your guide in capturing comprehensive data

Improve quality of care over time with complete data-capture, connecting patient to implant to cost to clinical outcome to patient-reported outcome. Surgeons and administrators at specialty clinics, health systems and statewide registries can now mine data they own, track key metrics, and improve reporting.

Make actionable decisions in real-time.

Collaborate on what data to collect
Patient Reported
Surgeon Input
Longevity of data=evidence-based decision making

Improve Patient Outcomes


Orthopaedic Surgeons

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Data collection and reporting helps discover and solve problems.

"When we got our data, we saw that transfusion rates were higher for our hospital system than anticipated. We drilled down and implemented transfusion protocols - and began to see improvements quickly."

Hospital system quality improvement director

The extensive implant library makes recalls easier.

“When an implant recall was issued recently, we queried our Ortech registry and established that none of the affected devices were used at our hospitals. Within an hour, we knew our patients were in the clear. That's a huge step forward in patient safety."

Statewide registry participant

Ortech guided us through the implementation process.

"In order to get total buy-in from our administrator, IT, surgeons, and patients, it has to work from Day One. Testing and working out glitches isn't an option. Ortech's experience helped us understand what we didn't know, and created a system customized to our needs."

Jennifer Hendricks
Alberta Executive Director

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