Patient Engagement & Experience

Automate the entire carepath

Allow phiSuite to simplify and automate your patient experience, by delivering the right information to the right patient at the right time, with these benefits:

  • Simplified technology for the patient.
  • No passwords to remember. No Software to download.
  • Connect to patients via Email, SMS, phone or video.
  • Complete patient reported outcomes (PROMs).
  • Ask for satisfaction and/or customize questions.
  • Educate patients along the path of their care.
  • Send video links for information and/or excercises.
  • Appointment reminders and/or Birthday greetings.
  • Simplified Remote video care (Telehealth).
  • Create call scripts with the phone proxy for volunteers.
  • Auto generate branded graphical patient summaries.
  • Connect directly with your EMR/EHR.
  • and so much more...

A complete set of tools for every aspect of Patient Engagement

Get the Ortech Advantage

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Here is what some of our awesome clients have to say

"As the largest private neurosurgery practice in the country, we depend on Ortech every day. Ortech has helped streamline our patient engagement program, by ensuring accurate PRO survey data collection from our patients. As a busy clinic, we can count on Ortech."

Deborah Pfortmiller
Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine

"Ortech has simplified the digital patient experience.  Now that our care path messaging is automated, it has created substantial time gains for my department."

Lisa Kasse, Nurse Practioner
Jupiter Medical Center, Jupiter, FL

Millions of PROMs Administered

>50,000 new PROM
administrations per month

(Available for Benchmarking)

>1000 validated and customized PROM tools to choose from

(Including the entire PROMIS CAT Health Measures Library and create your own)


Ortech’s repository is growing on a daily basis. This allows great opportunity for you to benchmark your patient’s experiences amongst your peers.

  • 7,500 New Patients per month
  • 11,000 New Cases per month
  • 50,000 New PROM Surveys per month

Celebrating 20 years and prepared for the future

The healthcare landscape was very different when Sean Volkaert and Jeff Guerin started Ortech in 2002, in London, Ontario. The two individuals worked with orthopedic surgeons at University Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre where they had a vision to automate areas of the orthopedic surgery process that were manual and...


phiSuite contains all the needed tools to assist surgeons in their day to day with a scalable, customizable application that you control

Surgical Module

Pathway driven and default enabled intra-operative data collection drives an automated process of generating, digitally signing, and pushing your operative notes seamlessly to your EMR.


With >1000 PROMs and the entire PROMIS CAT framework, Ortech delivers the right survey to the right patient at the right time on site and remote through any internet connected device. Ortech has more than 25 years of collecting PROMs appropriately. It is a set it and forget it approach.

Automated customized messages emailed, or Text, directly to your patients throughout the entire carepath. Inform patients and even have them complete Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) during this process. Use the data to generate patient summaries of the carepath journey.

Customized dashboards and widgets enabling you to view your data graphically. Dig deeper by filtering, query, and extract subsets directly into Excel or other exporting formats. Access your data the way that you want it – when you want it – without waiting for someone to do it for you.

Our famous Virtual Scribe (or as some of our customers call it their Surgical Scribe) compiles the notes for surgeons so you can eliminate dictation.

Online Reputation

Integrate and automate your patient experience directly across several online review sites and manage a positive review where most patients find providers and products that are right for them.


The phiSuite application houses a full set of tools for your research needs in a far superior product than most EDC systems. This includes remote data capture, site monitoring, audit logs and site communication tools.

Language & Culture

Ortech built the system over 25 years ago with international collaboration and multi-center studies in mind. Capabilities extend to being able to control language and culture settings for both patients and users.


Ortech sends over a million interface transactions per day with most major EMR and EHR Systems (e.g., EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, etc.). For those sites that do not allow for integration, Ortech has built a tool for you to upload any required data. In addition to integrations with EMRs, Ortech has built extracting tools for submitting to third parties (e.g., CMS, AJRR, ASR, etc).

And so much more...

Ortech is the longest standing, most trusted registry provider assisting hospitals and care providers with capturing and managing patient data. Ortech has built its software-as-a-service (SaaS) application with workflow efficiency tools to reduce burdensome administrative and data management tasks. Ortech has taken the complexities of every aspect of care and transformed them into a simplified tool, phiSuite.

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance" - Bruce Lee

Certification, Affiliations and Achievements

Ortech holds a unique position in its capacity to offer the efficiency, and the economy, of a specific, proven solution that references the rearview mirror.

Many of the top ranked hospitals, including the #1 ranked, are already using Ortech for their registry needs and secure international collaboration with other hospitals and surgeons.

Join the Ortech family and increase your network of opportunities.

Our clients use Ortech as one of the components for their Joint Commission Center of Excellence designation.

Allow us to show you how we can help you attain certification.

HIPAA training is one of the most important aspects of HIPAA compliance.  All Ortech employees go through a HIPAA compliance training annually.

HIPAA compliance requires organizations to conduct annual self-audits, implement remediation plans, have written policies and procedures, have signed business associate agreements, and implement incident management. 

We have coupled with proffesional services to provide and validate our training.

Ortech has been working with - and consulting to - the AJRR for many years and was the first vendor to submit data on behalf of our clients.

Allow Ortech to take the pain out of submission to the AJRR as we have already formatted the data appropriately and will walk you through the entire process.

The CJRR was the gold standard for Orthopaedic Registries with Ortech at the application's helm. Much of the lessons learned from the CJRR initiative has carried over to other State Registries and the AJRR.

We are very proud that we were able to support the CJRR in it's ground breaking methods of data collection, site tools and analytics.

HIPPA; SOC 1, 2 and 3; ISO 27001

Data Center compliance and security are practices that are natively baked into the people, processes, and technologies, not bolted on afterwards. A defense-in-depth approach encompasses administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect your data in not one but three ways.

Ortech has been working with the key sites involved in the ASR to create the evolution of the data files necessary for Vendor submission.

Be among some of the elite sites to submit data efficiently through this already pre-defined efficient process.

Since it's inception 10 years ago, Ortech has been the technical foundation for the MARCQI Registry.

The Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaborative Quality Initiative (MARCQI) is a group of orthopaedic surgeons and medical professionals dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients undergoing hip and knee replacement procedures in Michigan.

Ortech facilitates the compliancy with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation. 

Ortech has built into it's application various tools for digitally signing documents as well as an advanced audit trail that is accessible to our clients.

Coupled with this tool is an entire auditing tool and source data verification program that allows you to truly become fully digital.

And more...

Healthcare everyware

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