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Are you capturing data but still not sure how it’s going?

Our commitment is to allow you to access YOUR data in meaningful ways that fit your varying needs right when you need it!


Dashboards allow you to create unlimited meaningful reports that are updated in real-time with just a single click. You can embed dynamic graphs, charts, tables and text. Brand your Dashboards and create a snapshot report at any time.  Share the dashboard with a colleague securely knowing they will only be able to see what their user permissions allow.  Whether you are a surgeon preparing a presentation, an Executive presenting to the Board or a Service Line Manager comparing site to site performance, Ortech has the tools to enable your success.

Patient Summaries

Doctors are often asked, “how am I doing”.  Ortech’s Patient Summary empower Doctors to show the progress the patient is making and benchmark it against a matching cohort of patients. Customize the data to display graphical representations and share with patients in a branded summary. Use the Summary while assessing the patient to create a meaningful dialogue with the patient.


Imagine yourself in the driver’s seat of your data.  Widgets are graphical aggregate representations of your data that allow you to filter and interact with the widget to display exactly what you want to see. Export any widget out in order to use in presentations or other reports. A valuable tool that allows you to visually dig into your data and understand where you can find value.


Widgets give you the ability to view and filter your data. Embed a widget into a dashboard, patient summary or just run it on it's own.


Health care providers and executives want to know how they perform compared to others. Ortech gives you access to national data. We have been capturing data for more than 20 years and this data is shareable through benchmarking in de-identified and aggregate form. Benchmark your data against the entire Ortech Repository and see how you compare with your peers (Note - This is an opt-in feature and individual sites can’t be identified).

Query Builder

The Query Builder gives you the ability to access any and all of your raw data. This visual tool allows you to easily create any data query, save it, share it, or export it. In addition to all the raw data you collect, Ortech also adds meta data and different formats of your data that make life easier. As former orthopaedic clinical research managers, we have been in your shoes when needing to access and transform data. Instead of you having to do it from scratch, we have already anticipated the ways you need to extract this data and formatted it appropriately.

Pre-defined Queries

Create standard queries applicable to all users and share with your team for quick access to the data they want without the setup work. Share with one or multiple users in an easy maintenance format where all changes to shared queries are automatically distributed to those with access, eliminated duplication of effort and saving valuable time.


We all know that some people are more technical than others and therefore we have created the option to share data queries that you have created with your peers. Instead of less technical users having to muddle through creating data queries, they can just click on one that you created for them and the data is extracted the way they need it with little effort. The great thing about sharing queries is that if one user is not allowed to view certain cases or information, the system automatically filters this out based on user permissions and appropriately renders the query for them.


Similar to data queries, create complex Dashboards and share them with your peers to improve efficiency.


We have made sure that you can extract your data anytime, anywhere without having to contact an IT support group to help you. No longer do you have to wait a day, two or sometimes even weeks to gain access to your data when you need it. We have built in tools to de-identify the data when required and the ability to export in multiple formats so that you can use or import into other software packages when needed.

AAOS Registries

Ortech was the first approved licensed vendor to submit on behalf of customers to the AJRR. Ortech also built and supported the California Joint Replacement Registry and assisted the AJRR in the past via consulting and application support while they built their independent system. We understand the workflow and needs of the AAOS registries and have built tools to easily extract and submit your data to the AAOS.


Like other areas of our application, we have anticipated your needs and created the ability to extract data for third parties - like CMS - in the format that is needed for those parties. No longer do you have to guess the formatting requirements. Instead, let Ortech do that for you so you can spend your valuable time caring for your patients.

Ortech is the longest standing, most trusted registry provider assisting hospitals and care providers with capturing and managing patient data. Ortech has built its software-as-a-service (SaaS) application with workflow efficiency tools to reduce burdensome administrative and data management tasks. Ortech has taken the complexities of every aspect of care and transformed them into a simplified tool, phiSuite.

"Simplicity is the key to brilliance" - Bruce Lee

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